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2 Ways to Get Stronger

Building super strength is a desirable trait but did you know that there are two ways of doing this? You can build strength in one of two ways: By building bigger muscles or by building explosive power or what’s physically identified as F=MA (Force equals Mass multiplied by Acceleration.) The best way to fully optimize your results is to crave and achieve both simultaneously, here’s why.

Getting bigger is a lifestyle. Some prefer to take a more natural approach and others seek to exceed their genetics. Either way, I wouldn’t ever judge you. I only try to encourage people to learn more about the positive and negative benefits then ultimately make a decision based on logic and wisdom. Everyone is different.

But back to what I was saying. The two methods of gaining super strength vary because you have the sheer size of the World’s Strongest Man alive and then you have scientific anomalies like Bruce Lee. Undoubtedly both are strong, right? First we have to figure out what your goals are. This site will help you: figure out what your strength goals are then help you to effectively manage your workouts and nutritional needs for building super strength. Although it’s defined as super strength – anyone can benefit from these methods. Once you reach your goals, I advise you to aim a little higher and then simply manage your lifestyle so that your gains will never diminish. I’m going to teach you exactly how to do this.

How would you like to lose weight or drop your body fat percentage, build bigger and stronger muscles and reap the athletic benefits from combining any of the basic goals I just mentioned?

Hysterical Strength & Adrenaline

D’Vaughn Bell dvaughn personal trainer for building super strength and fitness

How and why are the “Build Super Strength” tips different from anything you have ever known, seen or heard of?

Modern technology would like you to believe that there isn’t anything out there that’s a secret or hidden from plane sight but I’m here telling you that there are natural methods and proven ways to get you to the level you want to be at. Are there limitations? Yes, I can’t guarantee that you will be curling or benching the weight of cars. What I can tell you is that you will be stronger than what you ever thought was possible.

Mastering when, why and how to tap into the superhuman capability hardcoded in your DNA which is scientifically referred to as Hysterical Strength is what we will accomplish. Have you ever seen or heard of someone lifting, pushing or pulling massive objects during a situation that calls for “Pure Adrenaline” and determination? These people haven’t mastered this capability; activating this too much or too often will kill you and that’s a fact. For those who have never done it at all, this moment in time slows down, everything around you becomes much lighter and your mind is clear on one thing which is survival.

Quick Tips for Strength Building

Build Super Strength


Law’s of Nature and Gaining Strength

Ordinary people have been applying the concept of strength, which is defined as lifting more in the gym but my question to you is “How much of that strength and/ or power is functional?” Strength is not power and vice versa, although both can influence each other, a very key concept is to NOT delve too far into either way of training…

Professional athletes and Olympic lifters build explosive power because they need to hit harder, run faster, jump higher and push massive amounts of weight in a shorter amount of time; which is a sub-classification of acceleration. Major Bodybuilding Competition competitors seek larger muscles so their focus is set on gaining size and their methods of training include lifting heavy weights and eating mammoth amounts of protein. That’s a vague quality but it’s not stereotypical. I encourage you to train with a purpose. Before you continue reading I want you to write down three general reasons you want to build super strength and 3 benefits you hope to obtain; in the following format:

3 reasons:

  • I want to build super strength because I want to… (x3)

3 benefits:

  • Well by becoming stronger I know that I will be able to… (x3)

These 6 factors don’t have to be verbatim and try not to repeat your goals. After you have these written out I want you to tape it onto your mirror, fridge or the corner of your television. Why should you do this? Because training the mind is a highly underrated method of training. You figure scientist can’t measure Hysterical Strength yet they know it’s there. How else could ordinary or even highly unhealthy people reach such a phenomenon?

We only control a small fraction of our brain’s capacity, I know you’ve heard this a million times, but I haven’t read any reports on this so I will take credit for this theory:

Our subconscious mind influences conscious decisions due a massive database of information. This database is a massive amount of information that has been handed down from generation to generation, otherwise known as DNA.

Be patient with me because if I’m right, scientists will no longer look towards what they classify as “impossible” characteristics like being physic or having telekinetic powers. Instead they will be studying history books and how human evolution took such a turn.

I’m not going to go into that just yet because both of us are focused on the future. These cases of hysterical strength have been witnessed, documented and in most situations are easily obtainable through public records.

In order to take a step back so that we can move a few steps forward. Force = Mass x Acceleration where; force is what we will call super strength, mass is the amount of lean muscle you will build and acceleration is the explosive power that you will develop by applying what you learn here. F=MA, I know, it seems like a life-time ago since you heard that one but remember this because this is the foundation we will build from.

You don’t really need to know what this equation is or what it is based on but for theoretical references and studying purposes:

F=MA, M=A/F, A=F/M

This is a law of nature, similar to everything and anything has an equal and opposite reaction. Defined by Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion “The net force of an object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by the acceleration of the object, or what we call Force equals mass multiplied my acceleration.” Since then there have been newer equations that simply act as a catalyst which builds upon and defines certain instances of motion.


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