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Super Strength & ‘Rock’ Solid Muscle

Sometimes it’s tough to keep your muscle rock hard while pushing muscular hypertrophy. Size will always remain a dominant factor for increasing strength but by implementing a few muscle development tricks you become well on your way to building super strength and ‘rock’ solid muscles.

What is Muscle Development?

Muscle development is the process of building, defining and enhancing the functionality of the adult muscular system. Recent studies have proven that rep ranges of 30 plus reps are optimal for muscle development. The old adage of “anything over 15 reps is just endurance training” has been obliterated by researchers. No one is saying that you have to bust out 100 reps of each exercise to get solid muscle mass but by adding in an extra set of 30 reps your muscles will get the chance to become “fully developed”.

Muscular Strength & Hypertrophy

Peak strength generally comes from “maxing out” and doing this as often as possible leads to increases in both size and strength. This is also known as the TUT or Time Under Tension method. The longer your muscles are forced to expand or contract under applied pressure – the stronger and bigger they will become, this is the foundation of achieving hypertrophy. Many people aim for the 4 to 8 reps in the 4 set range for strength training.

Ultimately, bodybuilders will push through their last set until reaching muscle failure. However, unless you are completing at least 30 reps, you’re muscles are not reaching their peak growth potential.

How to Get Rock Solid Muscle?

If you ever watch movie stars or professional athletes like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson training, you’ll notice the intensity of their workouts are “through the roof.” Sometimes they’ll complete a full set, sometimes they’ll complete a few more reps. In all, by combining 5 Steps to Build Super Strength with 3 New Laws of Strength this goal of reaching size and muscle definition can be reached… This post was more of a summary of the links I listed here.


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